The “Long-List” of 1970’s Lingo

(Alphabetical Order)

A Babe (Sexy female)

A Beaver (Unshaven female genitals)

A Cherry (A female virgin)

A Coffin Nail (Cigarette)

A Hit (Inhaling marijuana smoke)

A Silver Bullet (Male Virgin)

A Smoke (Cigarette)

Ace (perfect, the right one, person or thing)

Afro, Bro-fro, Natro (Black person natural hair grown out long, or white guys perm)

Airhead (stupid person, usually female)

B.O. (Body odor)

Baby (sexy, groovy person or someone you love)

Backatcha! (same to you)

Back-blast (Inhaling marijuana smoke through your nose)

Bad (The best)

Bangin (it’s good, sexual intercourse)

Barf! (Expression for unappetizing food)

Be there or be square! (peer pressure)

Bear or Smokey (cop)

Bible Thumpers (Christians)

Bitchin’ (very cool)

Bitch-slapped (Hit by another physically attacked)

Bite Me (polite version of FU)

Black Power (Overcoming racial prejudice)

Blazin (fast, hip, cool)

Blow Off/Blew Off (to skip, avoid or ignore)

Bogart (To be selfish)

Bogus (false, wrong, not true)

Boner (stupid act, erection)

Boob Tube (Television, TV)

Boogie (To Dance)

Book (To leave or move in a hurry, to get going)

Bookin (in a hurry to get away)

Boss! (Cool; awesome)

Bottle of Brew (Bottle of Beer)

Brawl (a serious fight)

Bread (cash money)

Breeder (Heterosexual, active sexually)

Brew (Beer)

Brick House (She’s hot, well built, favorable shape and appearance)

Brim (Dress hat mostly for black guys)

Brown nose’r (suck-up)

Buff (physically well built) In the buff (nude)

Bug off; Lay off! (Stop harassing me)

Bugged out (left)

Buggin out (to leave)

Bummer! (Unfortunate situation)

Bunk (cheap or untrue)

Burn (to embarrass or cheat someone)

Burn Out (a regular user of drugs)

Busted (caught, usually drug related)

Buzz Off (Get lost, go away)

Can you dig it? (Do you like it? Do you understand?)

Can’t hack it (Can’t take the pain, finish the job or go along with the rest)

Cans (Female breasts, usually large)

Casanova (Lady’s man)

Catch my drift? (Do you understand?)

Catch you on the flipside (See you later)

Catch you on the Rebound (See you later)

Check it Out (Look at this)

Check ya later (See you later)

Chick (girl)

Chicks (pretty girls)

Chilin’ (relaxing)

Chill Out (calm down)

Choice (“That was really choice man”)

Chuck it (Throw it away)

Chump (a loser, a fool)

City (add-on word to describe lots of something, as in “it was bicycle-city”)

Clod Hoppers (Boots or clumsy looking shoes)

Close the shades (relax, or sleep)

Contraband (Illegal drugs)

Convention (expression, some sort of psycho convention?)

Cook (You can dance!)


Cool Beans

Cool Cat

Cool man

Cooler (means prison or jail)

Copasetic (satisfactory)

Cotton Mouth (Dry mouth as a result of smoking marijuana)

Crashed (feel asleep exhausted, coming down off a drug high)

Crazy (Out of the ordinary)

Cream in my jeans (overly excited)

Creeps me out (fear of something weird happening)

Crib (home, or house)

Cut The Cheese (farted)

Da (I know that already)

Dang (mighty-fine)

Deadhead (a grateful dead fan)

Decent (Great or Really Great)

Dig (A dig could be an insult)

Diggin’ it (having a good time)

Ding-bat (idiot)

Ditch School, Cut Class (Not attend classes at school without permission)

Do you copy? (Do you understand or accept)

Don’t have a cow man (Don’t get upset)

Donka (thanks)

Don’t be such a spaz (Don’t be such a jerk, or idiot)

Don’t Bogart (Don’t smoke more than your share)

Doobie (Joint, marijuana cigarette)

Doofus (Dim-witted and/or socially inept)

Dork (Nerd, stupid, socially inept)

Dorky (Stupid stuff, not cool)

Dough (money)

Drag (Same as bummer)Take a drag, a “hit”.

Dragon Breath (A person’s bad breath)

Dream on (No way, “you need to think again”)

Dude (A person, usually male)

Dy-no-mite (awesome)

Excusumwah (French variation on excuse me)

Faggot, or Fag (Homosexual male)

Fairy (Homosexual male)

Fake me out (Deceived or tricked)

Faked Out (Deceived or tricked)

Far Out (Awesome)

First base, second base, third base home run (how far a date went)

Flash Back (To recall the past in vivid detail)

Flower Power (Hippy expression for kindness over aggressive behavior)

For Real (the truth, no kidding)

For Sure (fer-sur, right on, I’m hip, I dig)

Fo-sho (Ebonic version of For Sure)

Fox (Attractive girl or guy)

Foxy (Attractive girl or guy)

Foxy Mama (hot chick, hot girl)

Freak-me-out (surprise or startle)

Freak-out (loose it)

Freaks me out (Scares me)

Freaky-Deaky (very weird, unusual, sexual intercourse)

Fruit (Homosexual male)

Fruit Cake (Not able to conform)

Funkadelic (awesome and funky at the same time)

Funky (cool and unusual, type of music)

Furnace (chain smoker)

Fuzz (police)

Gag me with a spoon (something disgusting)

Gas (what a gas!, fun, fantastic)

Gearhead (person interested working on cars)

Gee Wiz (oh wow!, surprise)

Geek (nerdy loser person)

Get Bent (Get messed up)

Get down (to dance)

Get Real! (“pay attention” or face reality)

Get-go (from the beginning)

Gig (Job)

Gimme a break (multiple uses)

Gimme Five (one palm over the other)

Gimme some skin (Hand shake)

Gnarly (cool, awesome, very good)

Go Bananas (To go crazy)

Go for it! (You got my support)

Go Out (go on a date)

Gobs (lots of something)

God Squad (Christians)

Going Steady (Exclusive dating)

Good look (Nice appearance through clothes and fashion)

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes (positive energy, negative energy)

Gook (Vietnam expression for Viet Cong Soldier)

Goon (a nerd)

Grass (Marijuana)

Grody (Gross, disgusting)

Groovy (cool, hip, wicked)

Gross (disgusting, unacceptable, unpleasant)

Gutless (engine with insufficient power, or a coward)

Gypped (cheated)

Hard Core (Serious)

Hard-on (erection, excited, enthusiastic)

Having a Cow (getting seriously upset)

Headlights (Female breasts any size)

Heads (drug users)

Heavy (intense situation)

Hep Cat (Cool dude)

Here’s The Skinny (Here’s the situation or explanation)

Hey Sunshine (hey beautiful)

Hey what’s crackin? (What’s up?)

Hip (Popular , good, current. “That song was very hip”)

Hip to the Grove (into the music)

Holla at Me (talk to me later)

Hollywood like you should (Join the flashy crowd)

Hollywood Swinger (Flashy Dancer)

Honky (derogatory of a Caucasian person)

Hood (a bad boy)

Hoofed it (walked)

Horny (sexually aroused or eger)

Hotdog! (Amazed at something)

How’s it going? (How are you doing?)

How’s It Hangin’ (How are things going)

Hubba-hubba (Expression of sexual attraction)

Hunk (handsome, such a hunk)

Hurts donut (Hurts don’t it?)

I am out to lunch (Spaced out, not involved)

I Dig It! (That’s awesome…good idea, I approve)

I dig ya (I like you)

I hear that (I agree)

I’m Fried (Person’s condition when stoned or very tired, exausted)

I’m on a High (In a good mood)

I’ll call you out! (Let’s fight)

I’m going to kill him/her (I’m going to chew him/her out)

I’m hip to your trip (I agree with you, I understand)

In your Dreams (You’re kidding yourself, not possible)

In your face! (Aggressive behavior)

Jack Squat (Nothing, minimal. “You don’t know Jack Squat”)

Jeepers Creepers (Are you serious?)

Jelly Brain (excessive drug use, particularly LSD)

Jerk-off (Stupid person, masturbation)

Jiggy (Dance in a funky way)

Jive or Jive Talk (

Jive Turkey (Stupid, crazy, detestable person)

Jocks (played sports, athletes)

Joe Cool (A person who thinks he’s cool)

Joe momma (Unflattering term regarding a person’s mother)

Jonesin’ (An obsession, great need or desire. Dude I’m jonesin)

Joshin (You’re kidding)

Jugs (Female breasts, usually large)

Jump Your Bones (Want to have sex)

Keen (Another word for Cool)

Keep On Truckin (keep moving)

Keepin’ It Real (Keeping it cool)

Kegger (No explanation needed)

Kicks (shoes)

Killer (very cool, the untimate)

Kipe (To steal or take).

Lame (Not good, poor taste)

Later (See you at another time)

Later Days (See you at another time)

Lesbos (Female homosexuals)

Let It All Hang Out! (Relax, loose your inhibitions and don’t hold back)

Let’s blow this taco stand (Let’s get out of here)

Let’s Boogie (Let’s get going, Let’s dance)

Lets Boogie On Down (Get into the music)

Let’s Book (let’s leave this place)

Let’s get our groove on (Let’s party, let’s dance)

Lightweight (Unable to handle the situation, or keep up with the rest)

Main squeeze (my girlfriend)

Maintain (Main-tain, get it together expression. Usually while high on drugs)

Makin bacon (Having sexual intercourse)

Man (replaced by the more common “dude”)

Mary Jane (Marijuana)

Mean Green (Cash money)

Mellow Out, Chill out, Pop a lude (relax your attitude)

Mind your potatoes (to mind your own business)

Mint (good condition…excellent)

Mondo Cool (cool; awesome, large)

Moofy (Slut, What a moofy pie)

Mr. Natural (Keep On Truckin Man)

Mulah (money, cash)

Munchies (Enhanced appetite as a result of smoking marijuana)

My Johnson (My penis)

Narc (Narcotics officer)

Narc (Squealer, Snitch, rat; or a person for anything)

Nerds (Book smart)

Nice Lay (Satisfactory act of sexual intercourse with another person)

Nifty (Neat, cool, groovy)

Nimrod (Idiot)

No Duh! (When someone states the obvious)

No Way! (You’re kidding, tell me the truth.)

No Way, Jose (I won’t do it, no absolutely not)

Nose Hit (Inhaling marijuana smoke through your nose)

Off the hook (Free from blame or obligation)

Oh Gross! (70s version of euww)

Old Lady (Mother, or girlfriend)

Old Man (Father, or boyfriend)

Onward and Upward (Not discouraged, continuing to advance)

Oreo (Black guy who acts like a white guy)

Out To Lunch (Confused, un-informed)

Outta Sight (Very cool, good)

P.G. (Pregnant girl)

Pad (house, home, living place)

Pansy (Sissy. a coward)

Party-Hardy (To enjoy getting intoxicated)

Peel Out (To leave quickly typically in a automobile)

Phooey (Something that is disregarded)

Pigs (Law enforcement, police)

Pile (Piece of junk)

Pimp (A guy get’s all the ladies)

Pimpin around’ (You got all the women)

Pinner (Very slim marijuana cigarette)

Pissed off (Mad, upset, angry)

Plastic (Fake, Phony – Not real, shallow, self centered)

Please Just Kill Me Now (When will this be over, can’t take anymore)

Pocket-pool (A male using his front pants pockets to make adjustments)

Pop a wheelie (Front tire of a bike or motorcycle off the ground riding on rear tire)

Pop your cherry (Loose your virginity, first timer at anything)

Porking out (eating)

Pot (Marijuana)

Powerful (amazing or awesome)

Primo (the best quality, the ultimate)

Prudes (Girls or boys that are not willing to be sexually active)

Psyche (To dominate or be dominated, a joke or fake someone ou)

Psyche Out (Afraid or intimidated)

Psyched (excited, pumped up)

Punk (stupid, not appreciated or accepted)

Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip. (Walk like a brother)

Putz (A jerk or idiot)

Radical dude (The best most extreme person)

Radical! (The best, the extreme, “That car is radical”)

Raggin’ (Bitching at a person. “They’re always raggin’ on me.”)

Raunchy (Gross, disgusting, poorest quality)

Reamed ( To be yelled at, “That idiot’s gonna get reamed”).

Refer (Marijuana cigarette)

Ride (My car or transportation)

Right Arm/ Farm Out (slang making fun of slang)

Right On! (Strong agreement)

Righteous (real cool, very acceptable)

Rip-off (Declaration of poor value, not worth the price, “What a rip-off”)

Ripped Off (The result of Ripp-off)

Rock On! (enjoy the music, get into it)

Say What? (What did you say?)

Say-bro (means, what’s up/what’s going on)

Scarf (To eat with a great appetite, with gusto, in a hurry)

Scoping (checking it out)

See ya (I’m leaving)

See ya later (I’m leaving)

Shag (To Have Sex)

Shagadelic (Very good in bed)

Shaggin’ Wagon (A customized van with mags, an elaborate paint job, opera windows and a bed in the back. Said van often had window stickers that read “If this van’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin'” or “don’t laugh. Your daughter may be in here.”)

Shake your grove thang (Dance, wiggle your butt)

Shake your money maker (Dance, wiggle your butt)

Shine It On (To disregard, ignore or blow off )

Shoot the wad (Spend all of the money, ejaculation)

Shotgun (Laying claim to the front passenger seat)

Sit on it (Forget it, shut up or no way)

Skid-marks (Brown streaks inside a person’s under-shorts)

Skin Flute (Penis)

Skinny (The information desired)

Skunk Piss (Tequila)

Slam Dunk (Easily done, or accomplished)

Slap Me Some Skin (Give me a five man)

Slick (Sneaky “that boy is sleek”)

Sluts (Girls that are thought to be sexually available to anyone)

Smoke (Marijuana)

Smokey (To define a sheriff or highway patrol officer)

Smoking, Booking (moving quickly, rapidly)

Smooch (kiss)

Smooth (Able to impress the opposite sex)

Smooth move Ex Lax (stupid action)

So Radical (like so sweet)

Solid (Good “That’s pretty solid”)

Sound as a pound (Stable, well built, trustworthy)

Spaced Out (Condition of not thinking clearly, high on drugs)

Spaz or Spaz Attack (clumsy, crazy, dumb person or temporary behavior)

Spiffy (Something that looks or sounds good)

Split (To Leave. “I’m gonna split)

Square Biz (The truth)

Stash (Personal supply of contraband)

Static (Man, quit talking all that static)

Stellar (Awesome or Cool)

Stoked (Feeling happy with something)

Stone Fox (A really attractive guy or gal)

Stone Groove (So cool, the best. It’s etched in stone)

Stoned (High on dope)

Stoner (Habitual pot smoker)

Stop dipping in my kool-aid (stay out of my business)

Stop Jivin’! (Quit, lying or kidding)

Streak (Run in public nude, Very popular in 1974)

Study Hall (A room on campus dedicated for individual study)

Stylin’ (All decked out in your coolest outfit)

Sucka! (Someone who just got hustled)

Suck-up (People pleaser, phoney)

Sweet Man (That’s awesome or very cool male)

Sweet! (I’m pleased or impressed favorably)

Sweetness (Something cool, fun, or awesome)

Swell (Great, acceptable, liked)

Swingin’ (Having a good time)

T.C.B (soul brothers, Take Care of Buisness)

Take a Chill Pill (Calm down, relax)

Talking Jive (making no sense when speaking)

Tattered (beat really bad, tired, worn-out)

Ten-four Good Buddy (I agree, or I will)

That’s a trip (Unbelievable, strange or not normal)

That’s Jive Man (Something that ain’t cool)

That’s Bogus (That’s a raw deal, That’s not fair)

That’s Cool (Acceptable, good, well liked)

That’s sick! (Radical, unusually good, well liked)

That’s Wacked (Something wrong, not preferred, not fair)

The Brothers (Black guys)

The Fuzz (The police)

The Joint (Jail)

The Lowdown (The correct information,”I got the lowdown.”)

The Max (The maximum quality or value, the most)

Threads (clothing)

Thumbed it (hitched a ride)

Tight! (Awesome, cool, being excited)

Titty Twister (Grabbing, pinching and twisting another’s nipple)

To Book, or Booking (To move quickly, or moving quickly)

To go bananas (To get overly excited. Happy or mad)

To the Bone (totally; completely; serious)

To the Max (Taken to an extreme)

Toe Jam (Dirt collected between unclean toes)

Toke (Take a hit off a joint)

Token Up (Getting stoned on weed)

Totally awesome (The best)

Tough (Cool or impressive. “That’s a tough car)

Tricky Dicky (President Richard Nixon)

Tripping (You’re tripping if you think I can do that)

Trippy (That music is so trippy)

Truck (“Later man gotta truck.” Got to go)

Truckin (Moving along steadily)

Tunes (music)

Turkey (“jerk” or “idiot”) Jive turkey

Turkey, Dork, Retard (someone who is dumb or doing something dumb)

Unreal (Similar in meaning to “far out)

Veg Out (Period of relaxing, state of being, vegetative state, quiet)

Wack-job (Crazy person)

Wacky-tabacky (Marijuana)

Wallflower (Unattractive female seldom asked to dance)

Wanker (A penis, “My wanker is big”)

Way Cool (More than just cool)

Way decent (Very favorable choice or action)

Wedgee (Pulling another’s underwear up in between their butt cheeks)

Weed (Marijuana)

What a drag (Expression of displeasure)

What a goof (Expression of a person who is careless or unable to achieve)

What a Nightmare! (Period of reflection on a unfavorable event or challenge)

What a Turn On (Arousing person or situation, usually sexual)

What Is Hip? (What’s in style, current, going along with what’s popular)

What it is? (Used as a greeting like, “How are you?)

What It Was? (Used as a greeting like, “How are you?)

What it will be like? (Used as a greeting like, “How are you?)

What’s Hanging? (How are you? What’s up?)

What’s happening? (Tell me what’s going on with you?)

What’s Popin? (What’s going on with you?)

What’s the skinny (What’s the whole story, the inside information)

What’s up? (What’s goin on?)

Whatever (So what, it’s not important, I don’t believe you)

What’s going on? (What’s happening?)

What’s Happenin’? (Tell me how you’re doing, or what I need to know)

What’s Shakin’? (Casual greeting, please inform me)

What’s The Buzz? (What’s going on, popular opinion)

What’s Up, Dude (Tell me how you’re doing)

What’s your 20? (How long until you arrive?)

Where Ever You Go, There You Are (Can only be in one place at a time)

Wicked (pronounced wicket, awesome, the best)

Wild! (How unusual, strange, exciting)

Wiped out (Exhausted))

Wipeout (Accident or crash, “Did you see that wipeout?”)

Wired (High on speed or caffeine)

Wowzzerz! (Something is really cool, surprise, unbelievable)

Ya Baby (Of course, sure)

Ya, Ya (That’s right, I get it, I understand)

Yank My Chain (To waste their time)

Yea Right (A response to something totally bogus)

Zipperhead (An Asian person)